“America is wrong all the time and all the time America is wrong”–the facts of Moral Equivalency

It is amazing to me how many people want to make this post a plebiscite about Presidents Bush, and the RULE of Cheney. None of these good men spoke at Obama’s Prayer Breakfast

Outland Exile:Book One of Old Men and Infidels

We Americans have, on occasion, gotten on our collective “high horse” to comment on the mistakes of other countries in prolonging and perpetuating grievances of the past.

We, I mean the American government of Bush-39, inserted ourselves into the Northern Ireland crisis in part to “heal” the wounds of sectarianism.

We Americans cheered when South Africa abandoned Apartheid in the 1980’s.

We clucked at the Israelis and Palestinians fail to come to a compromise, unable as we are to imagine what that compromise might look like.

We chivvy the Armenian’s when they act unwilling to embrace the Turks because of the genocide carried out by Turkey on their people during World War I.

We cluck at Indonesians who are wary of Japanese intentions.

We actively chide Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan, both now wielding nukes.

We roll our eyes when Peruvians and Ecuadorians have a border dispute.

We laugh when…

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