VOTE on the Best Cover


I got these mockups for the cover of Outland Exile, just now. They surprised me on two counts.

Firstly, how really good they all looked. I was surprised how attractive and consistent with my vision these covers look…with exceptions. It confirms to me that my understanding of artistic sensibilities is pretty poor and I ought to cease any attempts before I hurt myself.

Secondly, I am surprised that they stuck with the random images I retrieved from the site to which I was directed. They could not manipulate the images any more than I could. I wanted to add a walking stick to the foreground figure to make her look less like a snow bunny and more like a winter trekker. I should have spent more time photo-shopping.

Regardless, I have included a poll to see if there is an outpouring of opinion from the dozens of followers as to the best cover.

2 thoughts on “VOTE on the Best Cover

  1. I would say trust your gut. Which one spoke to you when you first saw it? I’m new to your blog and am not entirely sure what it should look like… they’re all great! The lighting brings a different mood, a different promise to the cover. I’d say go with the one that best fits the tone of your book. 🙂
    Also, now that I’m here, I’m excited to learn more about your blog! Congrats and best of luck to you!

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