The Fourth Estate in Death Throes?

llpofElectronic news was supposed to liberate us: everyone a journalist, the news at our fingertips 1440 minutes a day. Instead it has enslaved us to falsehoods and biased news.
The traditional media have been vitiated, newpapers out of business, traditionally trained (with ethics) reporters fired, quit, dead, retired, more news outlets owned by fewer people.
Contrary to what may be claimed, it is impossible to parse fake from real electronic news. It takes a brain, ethics and industry, all rather lacking in the news today.
CNN for example, was my one source of real news in the dark days of the summer of 1990 when I was stranded in Saudi Arabia, a shooting war a few hours drive from my door.
Since then a high-ranking employee of theirs has been found to be part of a plot to cheat at a debate. She is still employed by them. CNN has been part of fake narratives like “Hands up don’t shoot.” It has created pandering programs lauding the failed presidency of BHO. Instead of integrity, we have the blatant partisanship of Don Lemon.
Presidents have always sought to control the press, no greater a critic than BHO exists with his campaign against Fox. In the past presidents had better tools to do that and a much easier target. They failed.
The supposed success of this president is not due so much to his animus but to the media’s own disengenuity, partisanship, dishonesty, and sloth.

2 thoughts on “The Fourth Estate in Death Throes?

  1. CNN certainly twists things. MSNBC too . Rachael and Al are the biggest liars of all. Rachael will set up a republican by leading a question like this: “Aren’t you for health reform?” Well the congressman is but did not think Obamacare was reform. Or “Why aren’t you for marriage equality?” Well the person does want marriage equality but does not mean he’s for same sex marriage. The question should lead with generic “So what is your position on this matter?”

    Thanks for your recent visit to my blog and repost. Trump makes it worse for himself by antagonizing the press and for being to the point of pettiness counter attacking every little this or that spoken against him.

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