Bullying in Plain Sight: How Inattentive Adults Encourage the School Bullies–By Daniel Chandler

The current politically correct trope of schooling is that the children are mindless dupes, all easily fooled into a crowd of gornless sheep to be lead about at will.The concept of the sheep having different ideas is not one the shepherd entertains.
Peace and passivity are what is most highly valued in a society of sheep and shepherds.
Chandler introduces a new concept: JUSTICE.
The blatant disregard for who is the aggressor and who the victim is an awful prelude to life in the open range of American life. Children should have at least experienced justice in the sheltered environs of the school where they are supposed to be taught so much else.
This slim volume introduces the just and unjust ways of modern education in telling vignettes of the schoolyard. It is a volume long needed for modern educators. I applaud Dr. Chandler’s candor, insight, and persuasive style.

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