Free Audiobook with Purchase

Free Audiobook with purchase of Outland Exile at half price

Free Audiobook with purchase of Outland Exile at half price

Audiobook Completed

audiocoverIt is with some real pride and satisfaction that I can report that the audiobook version of Outland Exile: Book 1 of Old Men and Infidels is now complete, subject only to the QA people at ACX. Within a couple weeks it will be available for purchase on Amazon, Audible and other vendors.

Although I cannot tell the price the duration is 10 hrs 42 minutes.

This has been a great collaboration with Jack Nolan, an actor/voice actor. The audiobook is quite a departure from the book; the things you need to do visually are frequently poison for a linear, get-it-on-the-first-bounce-or-not-at-all, audio book. All footnotes had to be scrapped (“kill your darlings”) or briefly incorporated into the narrative. The voices I heard in my head had to be recreated by one very-talented voice.

It is not the same.

I think it may be better than the original.


Audiobook Undergoing final Editing

The audiobook of Outland Exile: Book One on Old Men and Infidels is in the final stages of editing and looks to be a stellar addition to the stable.

We were able to obtain the services of Jack Nolan, a skilled screen, stage and voice actor as narrator.


This will be available on Amazon well before the holidays.

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