Finally: Book 2 has escaped from captivity!!

Exiles’ Escape was released on the 7th February 2018 by Indigo River Publishing (

Malila’s story continues after her staged suicide.  Hecate Jones, preceding her in her own escape attempt, plans to paddle around the Rampart with help from Jocenta. Jesse comes back to civilization only to find old enemies waiting for him and must, therefore, escape to the skies. Edie lives. Meet Frog, Cain, EffieCee in their own universe. Meet Will Butler, the Shadow, as he fights to avoid the Mouse-Poets.

Lots to see. Lots to think about in the world of a 22nd century which is all too plausible.  (I am adding excerpts)

Bullying in Plain Sight: How Inattentive Adults Encourage the School Bullies–By Daniel Chandler

The current politically correct trope of schooling is that the children are mindless dupes, all easily fooled into a crowd of gornless sheep to be lead about at will.The concept of the sheep having different ideas is not one the shepherd entertains.
Peace and passivity are what is most highly valued in a society of sheep and shepherds.
Chandler introduces a new concept: JUSTICE.
The blatant disregard for who is the aggressor and who the victim is an awful prelude to life in the open range of American life. Children should have at least experienced justice in the sheltered environs of the school where they are supposed to be taught so much else.
This slim volume introduces the just and unjust ways of modern education in telling vignettes of the schoolyard. It is a volume long needed for modern educators. I applaud Dr. Chandler’s candor, insight, and persuasive style.

Everyone Owes God a Good Death

This phrase is echoed throughout book two.

It is little changed of course from Shakespeare’s Feeble

“By my troth, I care not. A man can die but once. We owe God a death.” in Henry IV, part 2.

It suggests a certain stalwart fortitude which is seemly before the battle that Feeble expects in the morning, going on to say that a death on the morrow should get him good accommodations in the next world.

I mean something different.

We human beings have this being from outside this world, outside this cosmos. We are created things, not randomly spliced together. If we are merely random then our deaths and lives are meaningless and you would not be bothered to read these words, the inconstant jottings of an error-prone mind, itself a mistake of nature.

We are created things. Created for a purpose, just like the computer entities Edie and Cain. We have rented these lives, only to relinquish them in time to the Landlord and give an accounting of our tenancy.

It is in the leaving of the rental property of our lives that accountings are made. The Landlord is forgiving, fortunately. He loved us enough to create us. But death is still a leave-taking and our debt is still to the one who owns the digs we have put our feet up in for a lifetime.