Exiles’ Escape Prologue “First Hand Sapping”



(Twenty-two months before the events of the first book)

Stanton, Pensy[1], Democratic Unity of America

Infinity Acres Retirement Community

Product Reclamation Floor

06.23.02.local_01_Jan_AU75[2] (2127 AD)


“Good morning, Ruuf. Tie one on last night, did you?”

“I musta had a good time, Gurry. Can’t remember half of it, ‘n’ Sheilah wouldn’t talk to me this morning.”

“You probably deserve it. Fecking stupid that the zoots even bother to have us come in.”

“How many we got cooking, anyway? Any chance of a light day?”

“We have only one induction, four maintenance, and three consolidations. Bravo twenty-seven smoked it overnight.”

“Only one start-off? Father me, I may yet survive the day!”

“You’re forgettin’, this is the day we start the new setup. The dose goes down to twenty-two on these guys. They say they get more geeks out of the process, but we have to keep fecking new records and do vids.”

“Thrilling. What do you want to start with?” said Ruuf as he donned his padded suit and fishbowl helmet. He grabbed up a two-meter pole with padded jaws on one end and moved to a line of gleaming stainless-steel doors that lined a wall.

“Bravo twenty.”

A stainless-steel door swung open. Ignoring the stench and dodging the flung feces, Ruuf waited for a chance and then slipped the jaws of his capture pole around the Sisi’s throat before dragging the creature into the light. Immediately, Gurry pounced on the naked old man with a section of metal grid, pinning him, face down, to the floor. Ruff released his grip and retrieved the Sapp-gun. Gurry’s tattoo gun snapped once as the man’s arm came up to protect his face.

“Number 201000A-01_01_AU75. New Sapp[3] dose, zero point two two mils of hundred gigaparticles per mil per meter squared times 1.73 square meter yields zero point three eight mils. Check the math, and here you go, Gur. Ready to boogie.”

“Check, Ruuf. Good to go.”

There was a nearly noiseless pop just before the screaming started. Within minutes, Gurry released the man as he subsided into whimpers, moans, and guttural nonsense sounds. From the ranks of stainless-steel cages, a wave of hoots, harangues, and a few shouts of “Wait till I write my congressman,” erupted. Ruuf shoveled the old man back into his cage as Gurry, looking at his tablet, started to laugh.

“Says here that guy was a professor of English. Wonder who needs to be taught their own language?”

“Beats me. Probably smart. Think he’ll rise within the ranks, then?”

“Depends on whether he can still talk in a week, don’t it?”


“Yeah, sure. They’ll be quieter when we get back.”

As they left the room, each put on a uniform hat. Instead of the usual DUFS[4] uniform cover, each black hat bore a death’s head insignia.



[1] After the Glorious Revolution, many place names in the Democratic Unity were simplified.

[2] Unity date-time convention: hour.min.sec.time zone (GMT= zulu, local, EST, CST, etc.)_day_month_year (in Annum Unita = AD-2151). A timeline is available in the Appendix.

[3] Unfamiliar terms may be referenced in the Appendix. Sapp is the agent used by the Unity to turn their excess population into compliant foot soldiers.

[4] Democratic Unity Forces for Security. As posse commitatus has been repealed, all policing and military functions have been combined under the DUFS.

NB Decided to remove this from the MS for publication. This will probably never see the light of day other than this blog but it does pre-sage some of the events in later books.

Newspeak Racism

newspeakAt the dying of the year, I suppose it is not surprising to get a little melancholic. The humors surging back and forth since January have gotten slowed down by a surfeit of roast meats and pumpkin pie. The black bile of regret and reminiscences swells forth to trouble the closing of the year.

Nevertheless, I was surprised that no lesser an authority than National Public Radio’s “Wait Wait” program today has reported that 2016 has the distinction of being the worst year in history, apparently beating out 1347 with the start of the Black Death, 1919 with the Influenza Pandemic, 1939 with Hitler’s War on civilization, Stalin’s atrocities, or even the Great American Ebola Epidemic of 2015. The market is up. Economic indicators are rising. If you believe BHO the labor market is the best it has been in eight years. The Fed rate is still extremely low. Housing starts are booming.

Why the blues, Bunky?

It seems the only disappointing news for the elites of the airwaves is that they did not get what they now say they wanted most under the Holiday Elm (political correctness would censor me, you know). They are apparently heartbroken that regulations making the USA non-competitive might be removed. Horrors. They are destitute that a president coming in is not more firmly pro-LGBTQ__(letters to be added at a future time when I have been informed how biased I am), forgetting, I suppose, what BHO’s stance was on his ascension.

After it has been determined that:

1) the vote fraud was an illusion

2) the electoral college is still the law of the land

3) Madison did NOT write the last word on state laws

4) grubby white people will still vote their own convictions despite Beyonce directions to the contrary

5) people will keep their promises despite Martin Sheen OR his son,

6) BHO has been living in a bubble and now that he comes outside we find he has no clothes.

7) Russians telling Americans about the actual fraud by Democrats upon their own people did not change the election

After all that, I noticed a twitter from a Carlos A @_nonwhite, hereinafter denoted as the “non-white racist.” Says NWR: “oh angry white lady I’m so scared. At some point white folks need to realize how ridiculous they sound” followed by a cute little emoji. Cunning

My response was: “Racism on a stick. What ppl cannot do by talent, skill, or effort they try to do by mob rule. When that fails, hyperbole.”Little did I know how mistaken I was.

Our favorite post-adolescent racist replied: “You can’t be “racist” to white people. Racism is systemic. There is no systemic discrimination against white people” No emoji this time


Now Merriam-Webster would have it otherwise:

“Racism-:  a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.”

But let’s humor our “middle-aged millennial” non-white racist and see if his comment works for other failings of character. “You can’t steal from white people.” “You can’t murder white people.” “You can’t lie about white people.” (Doesn’t work so well does it?)

So being “racist” is about a belief and a determination of a difference by race. It is not some cudgel that is owned by one political group to beat the legitimate hopes and dreams of another group, whatever our LA non-white racist gins up, (although elsewhere he makes dark comments about how the ‘brown’ races are increasing).

When the country was in the thrall of angry white men (and in 1775, you had a lot of AWM), they formulated the ideal of “freedom and justice for all.” It was an ideal. No one would have said otherwise. Now that AWM has been declared a lower order of being, do doubt to disenfranchise them before another lost election, “freedom and justice for all” seems a burden that the ennui of the left can no longer abide.

Orwell’s 1984 introduced us to “Newspeak.” It has taken us 30 years to adopt it as the speech of record for the Left.

“And Barack Hussein labored and brought forth Trump”

Let me say at the top, before the haters start in: I dislike Donald John Trump and have so since I became aware of him some time in the mid-eighties. I find him arrogant and thus dangerous, grandiose and thus ill-informed, and self-absorbed and thus sociopathic.trump-grinch-701x431

However, it must be said that the primary, overarching and most significant cause of the Trump phenomenon is Barack Hussein Obama. Were it not for him, Trump would be relegated to staking out his turf each four years and bowing out after Iowa.

What has changed? Instead of Trump’s usual performances in 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, the electorate has surged, doubled down and surged again behind a man with demonstrably no talent in government, dubious business practices, failed marriages due to adultery and a persona that is both irritating and offensive.

Presidential elections are different.

Everyone admits this. The founding fathers imagined that the quality people of the country would get together in sober congress and select the best among them as chief executive. That lasted exactly two elections. Democracies all go the same way, or so thought Herodotus: collapsing into conspiracies of self-interest. Thus political parties were born with the election of 1796. The president is the one elected national office. It remains the one place where all voters have a say in the national government, unfiltered by the personalities and issues of representational elections.

It has not been pretty.

Andrew Jackson, about as rough an old hickory switch as one is likely to find, was arguably a murderer, bigamist and military adventurer. He won a landslide election casting himself as a bulwark against the moneyed classes. He cannot be argued to be a good president but he certainly was a popular one: defeating the continuation of central banking, firing from his cabinet the great men of the era, misdirected energy into petticoat politics and illegally removed native Americans from their ancestral homelands in the Trail of Tears.

The people loved him.

Thanks mostly to external events rather than canny government, he was able to leave office without a major war or disaster to his credit. Timing is everything.

Another “change” election was Harding’s, who, like Jackson, was elected as a reaction to the fascist-like policies of Wilson (before, during and after the war) on a platform of a return to “normalcy.” The best thing he did for his presidency was die in office.

Nixon’s change election could be seen as a visceral reaction of the “silent majority” to the chaos of the times by those who saw themselves as the real soul of the nation. Like today, the rancorous “protests” in the street mobilize the large majority of Americans to repudiate those who refuse to work within the bounds of at least nominally civil discourse.

Finally, Barack Hussein Obama is the most recent of the “change” presidents. “Hope and Change,” as ironic as it seems now to say it, elected him, most voters crossing their fingers and whispering prayers (atheists in foxholes, after all) that the callow senator from the corrupt state of Illinois would be different.

He certainly has been different. Rather than making any attempt to find consensus, BHO’s presidential career is one of unremitting conflict with the elected representatives of the people, currying favor with those who will never love America, toadying to special interests, actively picking winners and losers in the culture that prides itself on a level playing field, and failing to support those who have every right to expect America’s unqualified support.

There is one more historical simile to make: Hindenburg was Hitler’s godfather. Without the progressively more repressive and shortsighted actions of Brüning, Franz von Papen and Kurt von Schleicher, supported by Hindenburg, the inclusion of the national socialists in the government would have been ludicrous. Hindenburg’s undeserved stature was the proximate cause of Hitler’s rise.

Likewise, today we have an emperor (and assuming more and more imperial trappings daily) who has no clothes. He has singlehandedly prolonged a recession, diminished us in the world’s opinion, encouraged our enemies, betrayed our long-time allies, wasted our resources and made a determined effort to divest America of those things that make it great, all the while telling us that “we did not make” what we have made and that our beliefs are due to unthinking “clinging” rather than conviction.Wicked-Witch-Obama-600x417

Who gives hope for a change now?

The disgust and disenchantment most Americans feel for the president now may be buyer’s remorse. That does not mean it is any the less ardent.

Disdain for Obama and all that he has touched in his failed attempt to make over America in his own image is the driving force behind Trump. As is the past, it may well work.

May God have mercy on our country.